Saturday, February 15, 2014

What is Smintke

Just an idea
Just an idea

I created this blog a few years ago, to explore my digital reading, and to see if I could transfer some of my notes and thoughts away from my blog into reading material fit for the digital book reader.

Allas, for many reasons this project fell by the way side, in favour of my primary blog,


So why come back to it after all these years, well the more I write on, the more I realise that I have some articles being stored that might be better suited to other sites, and some times, I have stopped or abandoned an article, simply because I thought it did not fit with the main theme of the site.

So at long last, I have resurrected the site and plan to write more articles for Smintke, looking at the written electronic word. How it might be used, and were, plus some specific articles on creating interesting copy.

I shall look at books, magazines, instruction pamphlets, embedded video, and on what devise should you write all this, currently I am using an iPad with Googles blogger software, more on this later.

What is the best way to read the articles, iPad, Kindle, or smart phone, all have there uses, and to be honest, I have used them all for a number of reasons. So over the coming months I will explore my use of reading and writing for the electronic format.