Monday, August 6, 2012

Book writing for the electronic medium

Life is getting increasingly more electronic, some might just push their heads into the sand and ignore it, some like me want more and more. This blog will be about one particular
aspect of the revolution, being the use of electronic books their use and their benefits.

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Kindle and iBook are probably the best known, and cheapest to purchase, both have an initial value of zilch, but require some form of outlay to buy the equipment to run on. Kindles base price of £89 is by far the best value on a straight outlay , but don't dismiss the iPAd, the Apple product, it has many other functions that spread the cost. Googles Nexus 7 is also gaining ground, and again it also has a lot of applications that help spread the cost.

Kindle has a multi platform approach to book viewing, but Apples iBook and only be read on Apple devices. Giving, in my view the Kindle the best spread for your money.

Books are not the only thing that can be use on this new medium, trade literature, technical manuals almost anything that can be read can be viewed.

How the books can be written and loaded onto Kindle will be the subject of later blogs

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